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Black Note e-liquid is a full licensed online e-liquid store that specializes in a variety of tobacco e-liquid that offer a satisfying vape with your favorite vaporizer or mod. Black Note e-liquid is based in Orange County, California and offers some of the most unique e-liquids that can be found anywhere on the internet. Black Note supports the CASAA, the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association. They manufacture their products responsibly and with the best care for the people and environment. The end result is an amazing tobacco juice that’s worth the price tag.

Here is a brief review of Black Note E-Liquid and the products available for purchase.

Black Note E-Juice Company information

Black Note LogoThe Black Note e-liquids on sale contain a ratio of 30% PG and 70% VG and provided in 15 ml and 30 ml bottles, and 120 ml glass bottles. All of these bottles are provided with a child resistant cap, making them safe to store. The company advises that e-liquids should be stored in a dry place away from sunlight, as exposure to the sun can cause the liquid to become damaged or discolored. There are several nicotine levels to choose from, including 0 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg and 24 mg of nicotine strength. Only natural sweeteners are used as an ingredient in their e-liquids.

There are a wide variety of e-liquids to choose from, limited to tobacco flavors of course, which is a great thing. These flavors may be beneficial for those who are making the switch from conventional cigarettes to an electronic brand. Black Note’s top e-juice includes Prelude and Forte as well as Cadenza.

Customers who want advice on the best flavor for their particular circumstances can contact the company directly on their easy-to-use website, which includes navigation tools at the top of the page. The company also has a dedicated Facebook and Twitter account where customers can converse with a company representative.

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Using your Blacknote discount code is very simple. All you need to do is use the links at the top of this page to visit the website. Using any of these links will automatically get you the best discount available. There may be some occasions where Blacknote does not offer any discounts or promos. In that event, we will add a note to let you know the coupons we have for Black Note may not be active and offer you a new coupon that may work.

If you have any issues with using your Blacknote coupon code just let us know and we’ll try to look into it!

Black Note E-Liquid Review

Black Note e-liquid is a line of 8 different flavored tobacco only e-liquids for e-cigarettes. Because of the extraction process, which uses no heat, the Black Note e-juice ensures that the flavor never be bitter or harsh, as it would if it were to take the typical approach of using a heat extraction process. The ingredients that are included derive directly from only the highest of quality tobacco that there is available.

Because the brand is centered around only high quality and creating the smoothest and most enjoyable e-cig liquid on the market, it definitely ranks highest among all its competitors. With no added chemical byproducts to the product, verified by an independent lab, Black Note vape juice creators are proud to say that it is natural, without any unnecessary additives, and unprocessed to ensure quality. There are a total of 8 different flavors to choose from, which include:

1. Forte– This tobacco is grown in Naples, Italy, giving it a strong tobacco flavor. With the natural warmth from the sun giving this type of tobacco its flavor, Black Note e-liquid allows the process to take place for the Forte e-liquid at around 6 to 8 weeks.

2. Legato– Tuscany, Italy is where the Legato tobacco grows; known for its superior growing conditions on earth. Kentucky tobacco is planted on the slopes of the sunny town of Tuscany giving it a mild and nutty tobacco flavor and known for its smooth finish.

3. Bravura– Full-bodied and rich due to the addition of red barley, Bravura is a tobacco that has a subtle fruit flavor with a rich and full tobacco flavor as the forefront.

4. Sonata– Virginia tobacco, known for its natural sweetness, is the center of the Sonata e-liquid flavor from BlackNote. The tobacco leaves are fire-cured and then steamed as to allow the rich and robust tobacco flavors to naturally develop.

5. Prelude– Beginning in the Italian Alps, the Prelude e-liquid is a light and sweet tobacco flavor. The plants themselves are known as the Virginia tobacco plants which are known for their bright flavors. The sweet notes of the tobacco come from the way that the Black Note cold processes the tobacco.

6. Adagio– This tobacco is a fine Cuban tobacco. The popular Cuban flavor has been captured by the Black Note e-liquid developers in order to provide a high flavor profile for all to enjoy.

7. Solo– Perfect for menthol lovers; this tobacco provides an authentic menthol flavor. With the flavor profile being simply minty rather than overpowering menthol, this is sure to be the favorite flavor for anyone who enjoys menthol e-liquid for their e-cigarettes.

8. Cadenza– The Cadenza e-liquid begins in the mountainous region in Greece; in an area known for the “king of tobaccos”. This area is referred to as Basma, and highly known for the most aromatic tobacco in the entire world. The flavor profile for the Cadenza e-liquid is highly aromatic and mildy spicy.

black note e-liquid notebook

Black Note e-juice is a definite choice for anyone who enjoys high quality products. With enough flavor profiles to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone. The processes that each flavor profile has, as well as the lengthy process it takes to make such a high-quality product, it will always win among the competition. The way the tobacco is naturally processed without additives or harsh chemicals and knowing that the flavors will always be smooth is something that prides itself on.

Black Note E-Liquid Coupons Update:

We regularly check the website to catch the latest discounts. At the moment it seems that you’re able to get free shipping on your purchase but not a dollar amount off your purchase. We are trying to get an exclusive coupon we can offer here and we will update the page as soon as we have something awesome to share! Keep on vaping.

Should you still order if a Black Note coupon code is not available? It depends. Blacknote does offer reasonable prices for the quality of e-juice they sell. If you compare them to a $5 or $10 bottle of juice then they obviously seem a lot pricier but that wouldn’t be a fair comparison. In the “tobacco” flavor category, Blacknote is probably the single best maker by a long shot so if you’re looking for anything resemblance of authentic tobacco, I’m not sure the wait is worth it. You can wait for a coupon and save a few bucks but I personally don’t like to let my Blacknote e-juice shelf go empty. You’ll understand why once you start vaping BN.

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